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Asopalav Ratanpole

Asopalav, Ratanpole branch is brand Asopalav’s first outing in Gujarat’s cultural capital Ahmedabad and its flagship store. The store was a strategic decision. Located in the walled city’s bustling old trade centre – Ratanpole, in close vicinity to other business and cultural hubs like Lal Darwaza, Rani na Hajeera, Manek Chowk, Relief Road and more – this store was an outright success.


Established in the year 1975, this veteran store still houses one of the culturally richest Indian outfits’ collections. With a trademark Gujarati flavor and a very traditional Indian bent, Ratanpole Asopalav is the first choice of patrons wishing to buy absolutely traditional stuff, like Gujarati Bridal Sarees, Panetar and Gharchola Sarees, lehenga cholis in favored colors of red and green, heavily embroidered wedding sarees and handloom silk sarees.


Still favored by the brand’s most loyal and oldest clientele, this eclectic store has an old-world charm liked and trusted immensely by many. Located on the busy bazaar street of Ratanpole, this store is busy through the day with a constant flurry of customers and onlookers, and sees an absolute crazed frenzy, during its annual sales and discounts. Loved by clients for its rich range of Indian-wear, the store also houses a huge range of fabrics.